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Memetic (2) - £13.99

  • Label:
  • Catalog #: MPLX-LP-001
  • Format: 33 ⅓ RPM, Album, Stereo, Vinyl 12"
  • Country: Canada
  • Released: 2015
  • Genre: DJ Tools, Hip Hop, Miscellaneous
  • Style: DJ Tools, Hip Hop, Miscellaneous
  • Media Condition: Very Good (VG)
  • Sleeve Condition: Very Good Plus (VG+)


In 2014 technology-based art collective Artengine commissioned local musicians to craft soundtracks for a handful of Ottawa bus routes. Memetic got the #2, a route he knew well not only because it runs past the former Eri Café where he DJ'd TIMEKODE every month for nearly 10 years, but because curiously and coincidentally, nearly all of the record shops in the city were along it. Realizing this, Memetic went digging for records at all of the stores along the #2 route; then using what he found, and armed with his Tascam DR-07, his Maschine, some synthesizers and his imagination, he sampled, looped, chopped, re-played, and recorded a brand new suite of music which floats in a field recording documenting the sound of riding the route from the beginning to the end. Snippets, vignettes, half ideas and full songs flow stream-of-consciounesss as the sound of people moving from A-to-B-to-Z, requesting stops, chatting and commuting, getting on and getting off, immerses you in the journey. Take a beathead’s blunted bus trip through the capital city’s crates; Ride with Memetic from Rideau2Richmond. All songs produced by Memetic for Memeplex, (cc) 2015. Mastered by Philip Shaw Bova for Bova Lab Studio. All samples dug/found at the record shops along the OC Transpo #2 route. Thanks to all the record stores on and off the route - Independent retailers are an inspiration! Peace to all the DJ's who still bring a crate to work!! Thanks to all of the public transit operators - cities couldn't move around without you! @kwendeismemetic


Track Listing

  1. A1 Waiting At Rideau
  2. A2 Intro
  3. A3 Don't Change (Workitout Intro)
  4. A4 Workitout
  5. A5 Yes Boss, No Boss (MVP Intro)
  6. A6 MVP
  7. A7 It's That Time
  8. A8 Timepoint
  9. A9 Low Key
  10. A10 Don't Resist
  11. A11 Trippple J
  12. A12 Adrift In Chinatown
  13. B1 R.I.P. Eri
  14. B2 Slumpd
  15. B3 Stringy Thingy
  16. B4 Traffic
  17. B5 Thingy Stringy
  18. C1 Eglise
  19. C2 Foreplay
  20. C3 Rough Stuff
  21. C4 Strum
  22. C5 Drifting On Richmond
  23. C6 Is There A Future? (Clapapella Edit)
  24. C7 2 Are The 1
  25. C8 Holy Union (Proof Of Payment Intro)
  26. C9 Proof Of Payment
  27. C10 Got Away
  28. C11 Big Surprise (Last Stop)
  29. Waiting At Bayshore EP
  30. D1 Hogtied
  31. D2 Pleezbabe
  32. D3 Every Lighta (feat Bass Odyssey)
  33. D4 Cumbia Memetica


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