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N.Y.C Dharma Revisited
A Reminiscent Drive - £1.99


Original music, sounds and production at Le Jardin St Vincent. A1, A2, B2 revisited at Alppi-Houz, Oulu. Finland 1997 Licensed for the world to F Communications / Published by J.A. F Communications F080/137 0080 30/80P (P) 1998 Jay Alanski (C) 1998 F Communications Released under license by Pias Benelux and Pias UK. Distribution in France by Pias France, UK by Charged / Vital. Made in France.


Track Listing

  1. A1 N.Y.C. Dharma (Jori's Slick Latin Heart Mix)
  2. A2 N.Y.C. Dharma (Jori's Slick Latin Radio Mix)
  3. B1 Two Sides To Every Story (Love From San Francisco Mix)
  4. B2 N.Y.C Dharma (Oulu By Midnight Mix)


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