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UR Battlepak Vol. 1
Various - £5.49


Recorded at: Tunnel 7 Studios, Detroit, MI DJ Buzz "Bangin" Goree, UR's veteran hitman assembles and loops his favorite UR tracks! One minutes slices of the mysterious madness! These battlepaks are designed for daring DJ's on a mission! Not for the faint of heart! - Submerge's promotional infos. There are two copies of the same record in each battlepak. Original tracks taken from (in order of appearance): UR-045, UR-045, UR7-053, UR-045, UR-033, UR-060, UR-023, UR-010. UR-058, UR-048, UR-024, UR7-055, UR7-060, UR-033, UR-045, UR-042.


Track Listing

  1. A1 Nannytown (Buzz Goree Edit)
  2. A2 Maroon (Buzz Goree Edit)
  3. A3 Webcam Freakshow (Buzz Goree Edit)
  4. A4 Moor Horseman On Bolarus 5 (Buzz Goree Edit)
  5. A5 Electronic Warfare (Buzz Goree Edit)
  6. A6 Spawn (Buzz Goree Edit)
  7. A7 Message To The Majors (Buzz Goree Edit)
  8. A8 Riot (Buzz Goree Edit)
  9. B1 The Actuator (Buzz Goree Edit)
  10. B2 Protecting My Hive (Buzz Goree Edit)
  11. B3 Twista (The Dance) (Buzz Goree Edit)
  12. B4 Soul Power (Buzz Goree Edit)
  13. B5 Bubble Beats (Buzz Goree Edit)
  14. B6 Fiber Optic Commando (Buzz Goree Edit)
  15. B7 Mi Raza (Buzz Goree Edit)
  16. B8 Soul Circuits (Buzz Goree Edit)


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